We started as a local family owned trucking company named Portlink Logistics back in 2012, we’ve been facing the same problem as any trucker does, tires ARE expensive, but you can’t keep wheels turning without them, so that gave us an idea to order a container of Chinese tires, so we could have cheap, good quality tires for our trucks, after awhile word of mouth spread about good quality tires that we have, and people start coming over asking to buy some for themselves, and that’s how MUSU Tire was born, the rest is a story that we hope you will be part of!

As a fellow truckers, we know importance for quality and price, that’s why we offer you great quality, reliable tires at the cheapest price possible, we love to talk to you, doesn’t matter if you buy tires from us or not, we value relationship and would love to know you.


1554 US Hwy 80 E,
Pooler, GA 31322


(912) 257-7180, Tire Shop
(912) 344-4810, Service